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District Cooling System (DCS)

District Cooling System (DCS) is a centralized cooling system which provides chilled water to the air-conditioning system of user buildings for cooling purpose. The central chiller plant supplies chilled water and conveys it to the user buildings via underground chilled water pipe network. As the cooling capacity is generated in an effective and efficient manner, DCS offers a perfect alternative to conventional air-cooled air-conditioning systems.

Being the first project of its kind in Hong Kong, the District Cooling System at Kai Tak Airport Redevelopment Programme helps to promote energy efficiency and conservation. It supplies chilled water to buildings in the new development area, which involves the cruise terminal, hotels, offices, shopping malls, hospitals, schools, sports areas and other public service facilities, for centralised air-conditioning. 

The benefits of district cooling include: 

  • Savings in electricity consumption
  • Elimination of noise & vibration arising from local chillers inside buildings
  • System reliability
  • Decreased building capital costs
  • Improved architectural design flexibility
  • Enhanced environmental protection 

Mitochon, being one of the major subcontractors of this project, provides all the associated automation engineering services in District Cooling Instrumentation, Control and Communication System. We offer customized and professional solutions that satisfy our client’s cost and time requirements.