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Chiller Plant
Control System 

It controls and monitors the Chiller Plant System by using user-friendly human machine interface. With its modular design, component based and redundant architecture, it offers a feature-rich and high availability system in industrial environment.

Chiller Plant Control System - "Components"


Staging control
Loading distribution control
Fault changeover control


Staging control
Variable speed pump control
Fault changeover control

Cooling Tower

Condensing water supply temperature control
Variable speed fan control
Bleed off control


Heat exchanger staging control
Water supply temperature control
Energy meter monitoring

Chiller Plant Control System - "Mode of Operation"

Semi-Auto Group Control

Addition or reduction of equipment groups (Chiller + Pumps + Cooling Tower) just one click

Fully Auto Instant Demand Control

Addition or reduction of equipment (Chiller, Pumps, Cooling Tower) by predefined algorithm

Chiller Plant Control System - "Reference"

District Cooling System